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There are a lot of variables when it comes to self storage. At Stor’em, we want to make things easier on you, so we’ve created an overview of what you need to know before renting or reserving your storage unit.

Types of Self Storage

There are many ways to take advantage of self storage. And with millions of households using storage units, it’s a very popular space-saving solution. From common household goods to commercial items and everything in between, we’ve got a storage solution for you. Some other common uses for self storage include:

  • Document Storage: Whether you’re an individual or a business, you probably have stacks of papers on your hands. Despite advancing technology, paper stacks somehow seem to grow. Self storage is a perfect solution to get your desk drawers back, keeping the many files organized and out of the way.
  • Military Storage: Members of the military and their families know the stresses of moving. Even living on base can require downsizing. With self storage, military families don’t have to worry about losing belongings during a move or having to get rid of them to live on base.
  • Boat Storage: Many of our locations are close to popular boating destinations. And while a boat is fun to float on, it doesn’t make a good lawn ornament. Boat storage helps keep your curb appeal intact while maintaining easy access to the docks.
  • Student Storage: Self storage is perfect for students looking for a place to put their furniture and vehicles between semesters. It also helps free up precious space that can become easily cluttered by clothes and décor that aren’t in season.
  • Car Storage: If you have an extra vehicle that’s not being used consistently, you may consider freeing up precious garage space with self storage. Whether you’re fixing up an old car or keeping one for your teenager, that garage slot doesn’t have to be wasted.

And that’s just the beginning! Self storage can be tailored to suit your needs with varying sizes, features, and accessibility options. Learn more about the different types of self storage.

Benefits of Self Storage


Self storage facilities often provide more security features than a standard home. In addition to a lock and key, our facilities offer features such as: fully-fenced, computerized gate access; cameras; and lighting.


 Some items are not safe to keep around the house, especially for budding families. From cleaning supplies to power tools, self storage can keep your belongings safe from curious hands. Storage units also make your home safer by giving you that extra, necessary space to prevent hazardous clutter.


It’s quite common for homes be limited on space – especially for a growing family with growing memories. Many bulky items such as ski boats, canoes, or vintage cars may not fit in a garage or driveway; or you may just want to reduce the clutter in your home. Self storage provides protection from the elements so your valuables can have a home away from home.

Stor’em: Your Storage Solution

No matter your unique situation, we’re ready to find a solution. Whether you’re storing a lot or a little, we’ll work with you to find the best fit. If you’re still not sure whether self storage is the right for you, simply stop by and discover all the ways we can help you.

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