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Tell Your Own Story by Creating a Writing Den at Home

The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is held every Labor Day in Orem, UT. Not only does it feature some renowned storytellers, but it also inspires youths and adults alike to create … Read More >

To Stack or Not to Stack: Using Up Space Without Damaging Items

As Chula Vista, CA grows by leaps and bounds, so too does the need for space in this Southern California city. If you’re like most people, you need more space … Read More >

No Dining Room, No Problem: Eating Solutions for Small Spaces

Living in a small apartment comes with a few caveats, one of which is the lack of kitchen space. If your dining room is small or you don’t have one … Read More >

Patio Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Space Spick and Span

With picturesque backgrounds, it’s hard to beat the sights in Magna, UT. If you want to keep your patio as beautiful as the surrounding landscape, it’s time to clean up … Read More >

Why You Should Reuse Your Boxes Rather Than Throwing Them Away

You can never have too many boxes. We’re not talking about mailboxes or sandboxes. We’re talking about old-fashioned cardboard boxes. If you’ve moved recently to Lehi, UT or have unused … Read More >