3 Tips for Storing Your Kids’ Sports Equipment


If your child plays one sport, it’s easy to keep the gear organized and stored neatly out of the way. If you have multiple children in sports, all that gear can quickly add up and take over your home. Children are quite active in San Marcos, and many of them participate in multiple sports. If you’re tired of the equipment getting in the way, Stor’em Self Storage has some advice for keeping it organized and stored more efficiently.

Equipment Storage Tips for Sports Gear

Clean Everything Before Storage

Don’t overlook this tip.

Parents don’t always have the time to clean their children’s sports gear and uniforms after practice or a game. But it’s still important to do so at the end of the season. Otherwise when you put the gear in the garage or in a closet, the dirty equipment starts to smell, leaving a lingering odor. Clean the gear before you put it away. Your nose and the rest of your family with thank you.

Use Bins for Individual Sports

Multiple sports require different gear. But you can easily keep it all organized with separate storage bins. Buy inexpensive rubber trash bins to keep football, baseball, and other sports gear separated and organized.

Tall bins can be used to keep baseball bats and tennis rackets upright and out of the way. Mesh bags are a good option for keeping baseballs, soccer balls, and other supplies stored in one place.

Store Uniforms on Hooks and Racks

Hanging your children’s uniforms on hooks and racks is a good way to keep them organized while in storage. If you’re storing the uniforms and gear in a storage unit, bring in floor racks to make it easier to hang everything. For even more storage, you can also bring affordable dressers and other organizers into the storage unit to keep all the uniforms organized by type— and to keep the unit from getting cluttered with multiple sports gear.

Self Storage in San Marcos

Don’t let your children’s sports gear cause a cluttered mess in your San Marcos home. Let us help with equipment storage to keep all the uniforms, equipment, and gear out of your way. Self storage comes in handy for sports equipment, keeping it in a dedicated spot and freeing up space in your closets.