How to Close Your Pool Down for Fall


Why does summer have to end? Doesn’t it know that we love swimming in the pool on those hot Escondido days? All good things must come to an end, and now’s the time to start thinking about closing your backyard pool before fall comes. Stor’em Self Storage has some tips to help you close your pool at the end of summer—and why a storage unit is a good choice for storing your supplies.

Closing Your Backyard Pool

Check and Clean the Filters

Filters get dirty and nasty over time, so it’s important to check them before you close down your pool for the winter. If you’re not going to drain the water, you’ll need to clean the filters during the winter. Keeping the filters clean will make it easier to restore the water once summer is back in session.

Clean Out the Pool

Take out your skimmers, scoopers, and brushes and get to work. You’ll need to clear any leaves and debris that are floating on the water or stuck at the bottom. If you leave it in the water, it could cause algae growth and take longer to get your pool ready next season.

Add Winterizing Chemicals

Keeping your pool’s chlorine and pH levels in check will help the water to stay relatively balanced throughout the winter. Use winterizing chemicals to treat the water. It will make your life easier once it’s time to open up the pool again.

Cover Your Pool for the Season

All the hard work of winterizing will go to waste if you don’t cover your pool for the winter. Organic matter and sunlight are the prime ingredients for algae growth. Use a sturdy cover the pool to keep the water clean and to prevent unnecessary prep work next year.

It’s the End of Summer in Escondido

California doesn’t get too cold in the fall, so you don’t have to shut down your backyard pool just yet. But you’ll want to start the prep work now so that you don’t get caught off guard later. If you need a place to keep your pool chemicals, accessories and supplies, we have a storage unit with your name on it. We’ll keep your things out of the way, saving you space at home while you wait on swimming season to come back once again.