Proper Techniques for Moving a Mattress


Ever wonder how to move a mattress without hurting your back? It’s easy to do with a little help from a friend (or some furniture straps if your friends aren’t available). Whether you’re moving your mattress to a new home in the Old Town neighborhood or to a storage unit, check these tips for the best ways to move your mattress.

How to Move a Mattress

Cover the Mattress for Protection

You could always put your mattress onto a moving truck and haul it away without covering it first. You might be asking for trouble, though. We don’t recommend setting the mattress on the ground or a dirty truck bed. Another concern is damage. If you’re moving your mattress with other furniture like tables, chairs, or bookshelves, they could rip the fabric of the mattress during transport. The best way to avoid these problems is to cover the mattress with plastic or a large blanket to guard against dirt and damage.

Get Someone (Or Something) To Help You

It’s fairly easy to move a twin- or full-sized mattress by yourself, but what if it’s a queen or a king? You’ll need a helping hand to make the move easier on you and your back. If you don’t have a friend that can help, consider getting a roller or a dolly to help make it easier to move the mattress without having to rely on your back muscles. Whenever possible, lift with your legs—not your back.

Load Your Mattress Correctly

If you’re renting a moving truck or using your own pickup, load the mattress onto the back carefully. Lift with your legs, and make sure that the area is clean and doesn’t have any nails or screws laying around that could damage your mattress. Slide the mattress into position, keeping it upright. Secure the mattress with straps, ropes, or other furniture to prevent it from sliding all over the place or falling on its side (or out, if in a pickup truck) as you drive.

Mattress Storage in Old Town

Sometimes you have to store your mattress in a storage unit before you can move it into your new place. Maybe you can’t move into your new place just yet and need a temporary space to keep things. Stor’em Self Storage has you covered with convenient mattress storage and the equipment to help moving things easier than ever.