How to Convert a Garage Into a Different Room


Not everyone has the money to build an addition on their home.

But what if you turned your garage into a new living space instead? Sure, you might give up an indoor parking space, but you’ll gain more interior room for friends, family, and guests in your Lehi, UT, home.

If this sounds like an interesting project to you, learn how to make it happen with this easy-to-follow guide.

3 Steps for Turning Your Garage Into a Room

Consider the costs and construction methods.

A remodeling project could cost a lot of money depending on how much you want to do. There’s also construction methods to consider: Can you do the job yourself, or do you need to hire a professional?

Spend some time calculating the costs for the project and checking on various contractors in the area. Talk over the project with professionals and designers who can help you make it a reality without costing you a fortune.

Erase all signs of the garage.

Have you used the space as an auto repair shop? Does your kid use it for student storage for furniture, books, and other clutter while they’re off at college? It’s time to clear out all the junk and get the space ready for remodeling.

Even with a clean slate, the space will still look like a place where you parked your car. The key is to eliminate signs of that. You’ll want to install windows, to remove the old door opening, and to add a ceiling with maybe some recessed lighting.

Once you do those things, the space will look like it’s part of the original interior.

Bring in furniture and decor.

Will your remodeled room be where you and friends watch football games? Will it become a sunroom with lots of natural light?

Furnish the space according to its use. If it’s a game room, consider adding a bar, sectional couches, and sports memorabilia. Adding those final touches will tie the room together and make it feel like part of the house.

Self Storage for Your Remodeling Project

Why need an indoor parking space when you can add a new game room, studio, or a comfy den for the entire family?

Remodeling takes some time, so you’ll need a place to store your things until you’ve finished the project. Stor’em Self Storage in Lehi, UT, has units in many different sizes for student storage and to keep your patio furniture, tools, and other items sheltered and out of the way.