Why Every Home Needs a Fireproof Safe


As summer settles on San Diego, CA, it’s time to talk about fire safety. It’s not uncommon for fires to take place in this part of the state and to threaten homes and businesses. If a fire breaks out, are your valuables protected? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a fireproof safe for your documents, valuables, and other important items.

3 Reasons to Use a Fireproof Safe

It protects important documents.

Passports, tax papers, birth certificates – these are very important documents that should be kept in a safe at all costs. If a fire spreads through your home, it will devour most every paper document in its path. Whether it’s property deeds, wills, or other legal or business documents, they’re better off in a safe than in a desk or other unprotected location in your home.

It secures your valuables.

Fire-rated safes are perfect for storing expensive jewelry or antique family heirlooms. Safes come in various sizes and are rated for extreme heat. The safe will keep the items protected from charring and even melting if it’s rated high enough. Storing your heirlooms and other valuables in a safe is a good way to keep them around for future generations.

It shields vulnerable media.

Most people store important information on hard disks and digital media such as CDs and thumb drives. These items aren’t necessarily protected in a traditional fire-rated safe. If you want to protect these items from a fire, make sure to check out data media safes. They have higher fire ratings and keep the plastics and internal components from melting due to extreme heat.

Self Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe

You don’t have to lose important documents and priceless family heirlooms in a fire. A fireproof safe is made to keep them protected even in the hottest blazes. If you don’t have a safe, self storage is the next best thing. Whether a wildfire gets out of control in San Diego, CA or a grease fire breaks out in your kitchen, make sure to keep your items in good shape for the future with Stor’em Self Storage.