3 Times You Could Need Long-Term Storage


Many residents in Vista, CA use storage units as an extra closet away from home. Though some people think of storage facilities as a short-term solution when moving, they’re actually an effective long-term storage solution. Stor’em Self Storage has a few reasons why you may want to use long-term storage for your belongings.

3 Reasons to Use Long-Term Self Storage

Military Deployment

Military members are reassigned and deployed to different locations all the time. They may spend a few months on a base in California and get deployed to a different base across the world, where they either take their families or leave them behind. Long-term storage comes in handy for military members who plan to return to their home and need a place to store their belongings for months or years.


Downsizing is on the rise, and more people are moving into smaller places and selling their larger homes. They do this for many different reasons, such as when their kids move out and they no longer need the space. If you don’t want to part with your things when you’re moving into a smaller home, long-term storage is the solution to the problem. You can keep everything in a storage unit until you decide to sell it, donate it, or pass it down to friends and family.

Attending College

College students also benefit from long-term storage. It’s a great solution for keeping their belongings near campus instead of packing everything up each time they come home during break. They can keep the storage unit if they’re in college and continue to use it long after they’ve graduated and moved into a home of their own.

Long-Term Storage Units for You

Not everyone in Vista, CA needs long-term storage, but it comes in handy for many different reasons. Maybe you’re reluctant to part with some items during a renovation, or perhaps you’re taking a temporary job away from home and need a place to store your things. No matter the reason, Stor’em Self Storage can help you pick out the ideal storage units to keep your belongings stored for months or years to come.