How to Get Your Boat Ready for the Summer


Summer is almost in effect here in West Valley City, UT, which means it’s time to get your boat out of storage. If it’s sat for the winter, it’s probably collected quite a bit of dust and needs a service check. Before you hit the water this summer, Stor’em Self Storage has a few tips to help get your boat in tip-top shape.

5 Tips for Prepping Your Boat for Summer

Wash it like you mean it.

Washing your boat is the first thing on your list. You’ll want to get off all the dirt, dust, and debris that has collected on it since you parked it. Hopefully, you’ve covered it well to make clean up an easy process.

Charge that battery.

You’ll need to make sure to charge the battery before you put your boat on the water. Use a battery tester to test the charge or take it into a local automobile parts store to have it tested by a professional.

Perform a complete safety check.

Go over every part of your boat, checking the navigation lights, the sails, the horns, and anything else that could malfunction when you’re on the water. Also, make sure to inspect the life jackets and other water gear if they’ve been stored away.

Inspect the boat trailer.

Check the boat trailer for rust and other damage that may have accumulated over the cold months. You’ll also want to inspect the lights, the wires, and the tires before taking off with your boat.

Get it professionally serviced.

When in doubt, get your boat serviced by professionals. They will know exactly what to look for and can give you an in-depth diagnosis. They’ll also suggest the right parts and make the necessary repairs to get you on the water in no time.

Boat Storage in West Valley City

With your boat out of storage, you can enjoy your days on the lakes in and around West Valley City, UT. If you ever need to park it during the summer, Stor’em Self Storage has you covered. We provide storage for boats when you lack the space at home in your driveway, garage or yard.