The College Student Handbook for Summer Self Storage

The spring semester is finally over, and it’s time to move out of your dorm or campus apartment for summer (or – if you’re graduating – forever). What if you don’t want to haul all your belongings back home or need a temporary place to store them when shopping for your first apartment? Self storage is a great option, especially for students who are traveling, studying abroad, or simply moving back home until the fall semester begins. Even recent graduates can benefit from renting a self storage unit to house their belongings.

Why Should I Rent a Summer Self Storage Unit?

Renting a self storage unit for the summer makes perfect sense, especially if you attend a school far from home. Instead of packing everything into boxes, loading it onto a moving truck (or into the back of your car), and then driving for hours, you can find a storage location just miles from campus. Not only does this save space in your car as you move, but it also helps when you get to your destination. You may not have the extra room to store your larger belongings, such as televisions, mini-fridges, and futons, at your temporary address or parents’ house.

Keeping your things close to campus in a secure storage unit doesn’t just make packing for home easier – it helps when you get back to school. Even if you need to rent a moving truck to pick up your things, the rental period will likely be shorter and cost significantly less than a cross-country drive.

What If I’m Not Coming Back to School?

Recent graduates can greatly benefit from utilizing a self storage unit, too. Moving into your first apartment with new roommates? Self storage can help cut down on duplicate items, especially if you don’t want to sell them; if you have a couch and your roommate has a couch, it doesn’t make sense to keep multiples on hand. Storing one can help you save space, especially if you’re renting a smaller apartment.

How Should I Prepare to Move In?

Renting a self storage unit isn’t the biggest decision you’ll make, but it does require a little more research than buying something on impulse. Whether you’re looking into renting self storage for the summer or a longer term, taking some steps to ensure the process goes smoothly can make a big difference between feeling frustrated or free.

Ask Questions About Features

Before you make a decision about storage, tour the facility and ask plenty of questions. If you’ll be returning to campus and removing your things from storage, a short-term or month-to-month lease is important. Make sure you’re 100% clear on how payments are made; since you’ll be out of town, online or electronic payments probably make the most sense.

Don’t rent a unit that’s too small just because you think it will save money; accurately listing everything you need to store in a storage calculator can help you find a unit that’s the proper size and keep you from dragging anything unexpected home just because it wouldn’t fit.

It’s also vital that you understand the rules about what can and can’t be stored in your unit and the security measures in place to keep them safe. Ask if you are able to come and go as you please or if access to your unit is limited to set business hours. Finally, make sure you take advantage of any promotional pricing available. Stor’em Self Storage offers student discounts to help keep your costs low.

Buy the Right Supplies

Picking up enough boxes is always important but making sure you have the proper packing tape and bubble wrap to pack your things safely is, too, especially if anything is breakable inside.

Take a Good Inventory

You may not have as many things to store as you would if you were moving all your possessions into the storage unit. We recommend taking an inventory anyway. We like the idea of working with a friend to create spreadsheets as you pack. Clearly label boxes as you pack them and be sure everything inside is properly wrapped or protected. It’s important that boxes are labeled on every side and the top because you may move things or shift boxes around as you place them in the unit. Making sure you can clearly see what’s inside each box is important, both for inventory purposes and for later unpacking.

As you load things into the unit, try to put the largest items – such as mini-fridges and futons – in the back; you probably won’t need to get to these before it’s time to remove them from the unit, but you may need to come back for a laptop power cable or a box of books you forgot to sell.

Create a Map (and Make a Copy)

Even if your storage unit is small, it’s still helpful to make a quick map. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but if you have a lot of items you need to store, it can save time – especially if you need to get something out of your storage unit and don’t want to drag every box out to find it. Once you’ve finished drawing the map, make a copy and place one of them just inside the door of the storage unit. If there’s a light switch inside, taping your map next to it is a great idea.

Move out of Your Unit: The Checklist in Reverse

When it’s time to move out of your storage unit, either because you’re heading back to school or moving on to new opportunities, follow the checklist in reverse. Match your inventoried boxes with what’s inside the storage unit and load your vehicle with the heaviest items toward the front. Once you’ve made sure all your belongings are secure in the truck or car, follow the rest of the instructions of your lease, including cleaning the unit as appropriate. You may need to make a final inspection with a staff member on site.

Why Summer Self Storage Makes Sense

After working hard all semester, you deserve to enjoy your summer vacation. Instead of worrying about moving all your belongings home for such a short time, leave them in our care. At Stor’em Self Storage, we specialize in giving students peace of mind about the safety of their belongings and the knowledge that everything will be waiting for them when they come back in the fall. If you haven’t considered self storage yet, don’t wait – reserve your unit today.