Can You Run a Business Out of a Storage Unit?


People in Lehi, UT start their own businesses every day. However, not everyone has the room at home for an office or to store inventory. If you have started your own small business, use self storage to your advantage. Always check the storage facility rules to see what is permitted in any given facility. However, using storage facilities for business reasons is very common.

Use Storage Units for These Businesses

E-Commerce Business

If you’re selling products on eBay or your own website, use a storage unit for your inventory. You’ll free up space at home and have a dedicated area off-site for all your goods.

Repair Business

A storage unit is a great choice for storing tools and repair equipment. Whether you’re working on cars or running a landscaping business, you can keep all your tools and supplies stored neatly in a unit after work.

Furniture Sales

Do you make custom furniture and need a place to store everything once you’re done? Invest in self storage. It’s a reasonable option for keeping your furniture inventory secured until it’s sold.

Vintage Clothing

Whether you create your own clothing line or have a business selling vintage clothing, a storage unit is a great option when looking for a place to store your apparel. You can store everything neatly on shelves and hanging racks and have a nice place in which to take photos for use on your web store.

Art Studio

Enjoy drawing or painting? With a storage unit, you can have your very own art studio and enjoy the privacy to paint your creations. Bring desks, easels, and shelves into the unit to make the space an area where you can work and have everything you need within reach.

Small Business Storage in Lehi

Running a small business out of a storage unit is doable, especially if you’re using it as a place to store your products, tools, equipment, and other business-related supplies. You can even set up a laptop and handle your business while you’re at the facility. Talk with Stor’em Self Storage in Lehi, UT to learn more about how you can run your business out of a storage unit.