Outdoorsman’s Guide to Salt Lake City

If you live in Salt Lake City, UT, you already know about all the outdoor attractions that this area has to offer. Every year, outdoor enthusiasts flock to our city for fun adventures such as biking, camping and hiking. With spring right around the corner, now’s the time to start planning what you’ll do when the temperatures start to rise. Stor’em Self Storage has some fun things to keep in mind for this spring and how our storage units can keep your gear organized.

3 Fun Things to Do in Salt Lake City

Hike in Wasatch National Forest

If you’re a backpacking enthusiast, Wasatch National Forest is right up your alley. It’s close to Salt Lake Valley and features a 7.8-mile hike through Aspen Groves. You’ll climb more than 2,000 feet in elevation and get a real workout as you spend the day in nature. Bring your camping gear and enjoy the night skies over Utah.

Go Biking on Snowbird

Some people like to hike; others would rather bike. If you’re the latter, Snowbird is calling you. This area receives abundant snow in the winter, but it’s clear in the spring and offers miles of mountain biking action. It’s only an 8 percent grade, so you won’t feel too sore the next day after biking through its twists and turns.

Enjoy Camping at Jordanelle State Park

Jordanelle State Park is only 40 minutes from Salt Lake and offers numerous areas for camping. Because this is a popular destination spot, you may want to book a camping site in advance. Once the night falls, you’ll be amazed by all the stars and forget that you’re not far from Salt Lake City.

Store Your Gear at Stor’em Self Storage

Camping, biking, and other outdoor gear can take up a lot of space at home. Storage units are the solution to your lack of space. Whether you’re into backpacking, boating, or hiking, you can keep all your gear safe and secured at Stor’em Self Storage. You’ll save space at home and only need to stop by and grab your things before heading into the great outdoors in Salt Lake City, UT.