Label Like a Pro So Unpacking is a Breeze

One of the most laborious parts of moving is packing everything into boxes and unpacking them later. It’s easy to fall prey to lazy packing, but it’s worth it in the end to have everything labeled properly when you move into your new place in Chula Vista, CA. Stor’em Self Storage has a few tips for labeling your boxes to make the unpacking experience much better for everyone involved.

3 Tips for Labeling Your Boxes

Get Creative

If you want to get creative, put stickers on all the boxes that contain your children’s toys and belongings. Use colorful markers and color-code the boxes by type or room. You can label the bedroom boxes with blue markers, the kitchen boxes with red markers, the bathroom boxes with green markers, and so on. This method makes it easy to find the exact boxes that you need when they’re stacked in your storage units.

Label Every Side

Most people make the mistake of labeling their boxes only on one side. It’s great to label your boxes, but it’s best if you label them on every side. This way, it doesn’t matter how you set them down or load them into the truck – you’ll always be able to see a label.

Specify the Contents

When you’re labeling the boxes by room, don’t forget to jot down the contents as well. You can get as specific as you want in this step. Depending on how thorough you want to be, you can itemize everything in the box or just a few important things. Just remember: The more items you write on the outside, the easier it will be to find the exact item you’re looking for on the inside.

Moving Boxes Into Self Storage

You don’t want to deal with tons of unlabeled boxes when you’re moving into your home in Chula Vista, CA. Labeling everything properly beforehand will make it easier to identify the contents and to determine where everything goes. The same goes for moving your boxes into storage units. You’ll have a much easier time organizing the boxes by room and finding what you need later if you label them the right way.