The Benefits of Storage Units for Small Businesses

Starting a business in Vista, CA involves a lot of planning, time, and money. It also requires a bit of space for all the supplies, equipment, and other things that you’ll need. Thankfully, renting storage units can help in multiple ways for small businesses in our area. Stor’em Self Storage has a few things to keep in mind when you’re considering a storage unit for your business.

3 Benefits of Self Storage for Businesses


If you’re storing your items in a unit, it’s important to choose a facility that focuses on security. The facility should feature 24/7 video surveillance, security gates and locks to keep your things protected. Investing in an insurance plan adds one more layer of protection for your items when they’re stored away.


If you’re low on space, a storage unit is the obvious choice to clear up the clutter in your office, restaurant or other business. You can use a unit for all of your excess inventory and supplies or for storing important files and documents. A unit also comes in handy for storing seasonal items, keeping your backroom free of holiday decorations when you don’t need them.


It costs less to rent a storage unit than it does to pay for a larger office space or a renovation. Renting a unit is the ideal solution for when a business needs extra space but doesn’t have the budget to move to a bigger location. The cost of storage per month is very affordable, and you can always upgrade to a larger space or downgrade to something smaller depending on your current needs and budget.

Storage Units for California Businesses

Whether you’re lacking inventory space or just want to keep your documents and supplies more secure, you can get it all with storage units from Stor’em Self Storage. Renting a unit is a cost-effective method for gaining extra space for your documents, inventory, equipment, and any other items that you’ll need later. Our location in Vista, CA is perfect for small businesses in the area and comes with round-the-clock security to keep your things safe and secured.