The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Car Out of Winter Storage

If you took the time to prep and store your cars for the winter, you should do the same before you take them out of your storage units this spring. Although your cars may have stayed protected at Stor’em Self Storage, it’s been quite a few months before you’ve started or driven them. Giving them the same attention now as you did in the winter will ensure that they perform their best on the road in Lehi, UT during the warmer months of the year.

Important Tips for Taking Your Car Out of Storage

Inspect the Battery

If you kept your battery on a battery tender – also called a maintainer – you shouldn’t have an issue. Check the maintainer to see if the battery is still charged. If you didn’t use a maintainer, you may still be okay. Use a battery tester to check the amount of charge that remains. Also, be sure to check the cables and terminals for any corrosion.

Whether you’ve used a battery tender or not, don’t attempt to start your car for the first time in a few months with a weak battery. It could cause serious problems in your car’s other electrical components.

Check All the Fluids

Unless you perform maintenance on your car while it’s in the storage unit, the fluids in your car are probably old after sitting for so long. Check the oil to see if there’s an adequate amount left and add a quart if necessary. Be sure to also check other important fluids such as coolant, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid.

Regardless of how much oil you needed to add, don’t forget to change the oil as soon as you take your car out of storage. Skipping this step could cause major engine trouble.

Examine the Tires

The chances are pretty good that after sitting all winter, the car’s tire pressure is low. Use a tire gauge to test the air pressure. Make sure you pay attention to how much is recommended for your tire size. Use a pump to bring the pressure up to the suggest PSI on the tire wall. In addition, check for standard wear and tear such as visible cracking and low tread.

Don’t drive your cars out of their storage units without checking the tires. Weak tire pressure can decrease your car’s performance and cause the tires to blow in bad road conditions.

Be Thorough When Inspecting Your Car

Taking the time to inspect your car before taking it on the road will minimize the amount of problems that pop up once it’s out of storage. After all, you’ll want to enjoy those long drives through the scenic landscape in Lehi, UT – not repairing your car because you didn’t take the time to prep it for spring. When you’re ready to bring them back and put them away again, Stor’em Self Storage will be here next winter to provide a place to keep your car sheltered.