The Best Ways to Maximize Space With Different Types of Containers

Not everyone in Orem, UT can build additions onto their homes to gain more space. Sometimes you have to make do with what you already have. Whether you’re looking to reduce clutter in your kitchen or to find new ways to store clothes in your closet, Stor’em Self Storage has three ideas that will help you achieve a clutter-free home.

Three Storage Ideas for Your Belongings

Fabric Storage Bins

Fabric storage bins come in round and square shapes to help you store a bit of everything, from holiday wrapping paper to clothing and documents. Some fabric storage bins are built into small floor units, making them a space-saving alternative to large dressers for clothing. They come in handy in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets for creating valuable storage space. Because they often come in different colors, these storage bins can be a great way to add some style to your living space.

Plastic Trash Cans

They might not be your first choice, but trash cans are great for storing random clutter or other things like holiday decorations and long-handled tools like shovels or rakes. You can even use them for toy storage or as quick and cheap clothes hampers for your kids. Your children can draw on them with crayons and markers, and the durable plastic will hold up to accidental damage as your children play.

Acrylic Storage Bins

Whether you’re looking to organize the items beneath your cabinets or inside your desk drawers, you can’t go wrong with acrylic storage bins. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit almost anywhere in your home, and the clear construction makes it easy to see what you’ve stored inside. Larger bins with lids make it easy to stack and organize your rooms or closets. They’re also great for self storage units when you need to keep things from different rooms organized and make the most use of the available space.

Get More Space With Self Storage

When storage bins and organizers won’t do, storage units are the ideal choice for maximizing the space in your home. Stor’em Self Storage in Orem, UT has units of all sizes to store everything from a few sporting goods to an entire house full of furniture. If your New Year’s resolution involved getting more organized, our units can keep your stuff out of the way while you enjoy more space at home.