Space for Stardom: How to Properly Store Your Musical Instruments

San Diego, CA has a bustling music scene, inspiring people across the county to learn how to play an instrument. But drums, pianos, cellos, and other instruments take up space, so you might avoid buying one if you don’t have anywhere to put it. If you want to play but lack the space, consider off-site storage units at Stor’em Self Storage.

3 Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be a big investment, which is why it’s important to treat them like one. Careful packing and picking the right storage solution can make a big difference when it comes to keeping them in the best shape possible.

Clean Your Instruments First

It’s natural for instruments to gather grime and dirt in the course of their use. If you put your instrument in long-term storage without cleaning it first, it can be permanently damaged or stained. This is especially true for brass instruments, as their tubes can rust and their valves cease to move. Wooden instruments are also susceptible to moisture warping or staining.

Prepare Your Stringed Instruments Before Storage

The strings on guitars, basses, banjos, and similar instruments put a lot of strain on the neck. If you store them without releasing the string tension, the necks will warp over time. The strings may also break once you strum them once or twice. Release the string tension and wipe down the instruments before you place them in storage. In addition, put them in their protective cases until you’re ready to play them again.

Wrap Your Pianos with Heavy Padding

If you decide against climate-controlled self storage, it’s best to wrap your piano in heavy padding to keep humidity from ruining the wood. Older pianos are more sensitive to heat and humidity damage, but the padding will protect them while you have them in storage. If you’ve kept your piano in storage for a long time, be careful when removing the padding. It could stick to the wood if it was exposed to excessive humidity.

Storage Units for Your Musical Instruments

Storage units are the ideal solution for storing your musical instruments when you lack the space at home. Our climate-controlled units will protect your instruments from the heat and humidity in San Diego, CA. Don’t let the lack of space keep you from learning to play your favorite instrument. We’ll set you up with a unit to store them away from home so you can rest easy.