Covered or Uncovered? The Ideal Option for Storing Your Vehicle

Although parking your vehicle under a covered unit has its benefits, an outdoor space offers quick and easy accessibility, allowing you to jump in and go whenever you want. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages – it all depends on your specific storage needs and the season in Magna, UT. Stor’em Self Storage has a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on covered and uncovered storage options for your car.

Advantages of Covered Storage Units

Most people prefer to park their cars in garages for a reason: protection. A garage keeps hail, dust, and debris from damaging the vehicle. Covered car storage does the same thing. It protects your car from rain, sleet, hail, and wind-blown debris as well as heavy snow buildup.

One disadvantage of parking your vehicle in a covered storage area is the high cost. If you want to park your cars in indoor storage units, expect to pay more money per month.

Advantages of Uncovered Self Storage

Uncovered car storage also has its advantages, such as being able to get in your car and drive away without hassle. You can drive into a regular space and park like you would at any parking lot in the country. In fact, sometimes the uncovered car storage areas are just unused spaces around the facility. This type of storage is attractive because it’s the least expensive option for both short-term and long-term car storage.

While uncovered storage is convenient and cheaper than covered storage, it isn’t for everyone. Your car will be exposed to the elements if uncovered, so if that’s a worry for you then covered units are the way to go.

Storing Your Cars at Stor’em Self Storage

Storing your vehicle away from home has its advantages, such as freeing up space in your driveway or garage and protecting your car with 24/7 video surveillance. Whether you choose to park in a covered or an uncovered space, your vehicle will remain sheltered at Stor’em. We’ll keep it as long as you’d like, whether you’re storing it for a month, a year or even longer. Reserve your space today at our Magna West location in Magna, UT.