Make Yourself at Home While at Work with These Tips

Whether you spend as much time at the office as you do at home or head for the hills when the clock strikes five, it’s important to have a welcoming work environment. The daily grind can become less ho-hum when you spruce up your workspace with some personal touches. Stor’em Self Storage, with storage units in San Diego, CA, offers these tips for everything from keeping your area tidy to personalizing it with things you love.

Keep it Clean

Start by purging old papers, broken staplers, and forgotten candies. Storage units are perfect for getting boxes of archived files and clunky equipment out of the way. Next, thoroughly clean your desktop, shelves, and other surfaces. Keep your office spotless by setting a time every day to tidy and clean your workspace. Add a few plants to beautify the space and filter impurities at the same time. English Ivy scrubs indoor pollutants from the air and doesn’t need much sunlight. Peace lilies remove formaldehyde from the environment – perfect for cramped spaces filled with synthetic fibers and flooring.

Cozy Up 

Swap out soulless office fixtures with home accessories. Replace standard-issue desk lights with lamps designed for the home; just make sure you have enough light to see clearly throughout the day. Sconces provide extra illumination while dressing up walls. Add artwork that makes you happy; give it the attention it deserves with picture lights. A cozy throw wards off chills in over-cooled offices, while a lumbar-support pillow with cooling gel inside offers relief in too-hot environments.

Feed Your Soul 

Pictures of loved ones provide a little taste of home. Relish favorite memories with photos from family vacations, birthday parties, and other special moments. If you need evidence of the need for comfort food in the workplace, witness all those potlucks and birthday cakes. A coffee nook perks up any coffee lover’s day, while a six-pack-sized fridge filled with fancy seltzers or healthy snacks nourishes both body and soul.

You don’t have to settle for a sterile work environment. From de-cluttering with self storage to clearing the air with houseplants, a clean area is the perfect way to start making yourself at home at work. Kick off your office makeover by reserving a unit today. Rent storage online, or let the friendly team at Stor’em in San Diego, CA help you choose the right unit for your needs.