Storage for Your Studio: The Support a Photographer Needs

Whether you take pictures for a living or as a hobby, you know that photography equipment can take up a lot of space. Storing your supplies at home can be tricky, so many photographers rely on storage units to keep them organized in one place. Stor’em Self Storage provides hobbyists and professionals alike with a reliable home for the tools of their trade in Vista, CA.

Avoid Clutter at Home 

Tripods, cameras, and battery packs are just some of the items that can clutter a photographer’s home. Fortunately, you don’t have to let those photography essentials take over your garage, basement, den, or guest bedroom. Whether you have shelving units full of gear or random items taking up valuable real estate, storage units allow you to keep your home tidy and organized. And you won’t have to hear complaints from your significant other, roommate, or other household members about tripping over your things.

Keep Your Photography Equipment Safe 

Playing children, cleaning sessions, and life in general put your valuable cameras and accessories at risk. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your gear in the hands of fate. Besides offering protection from everyday household hazards, Stor’em keeps your equipment security-monitored against theft and sheltered from the elements. Our facilities in Vista, CA and other communities offer electronic code gate access, fully fenced sites, and abundant lighting to protect your professional or hobby gear.

How to Store Photography Supplies 

Proper storage safeguards your investment and keeps your storage unit in order. Try these methods to organize and protect equipment kept in self storage:

  • Dry boxes: Keep moisture at bay by stashing your cameras and lenses in a dry box.
  • Shelves: While some dry boxes have self-contained shelves, shelving units keep your tripods, camera cases, and other supplies organized and off the floor.
  • Heavy-duty wall hooks: Take advantage of vertical space by hanging tripod and camera cases, straps, and other items from hooks on the wall.

If some of your gear is in boxes, be sure to place the heaviest ones on the bottom to prevent stacks from falling over.

Stor’em Self Storage offers a clean place to house your cameras and accessories. Preserve the items you need for your business or hobby while freeing up space in your home with help from our storage units. Reserve a unit online, or contact our team in Vista, CA or another community in the West.