Bring Your Artistry to Life with this Beginner’s Crafting Guide

Whether you’re interested in scrapbooking or want to spend rainy days bonding with the kids over projects, crafting is a great way to express yourself. Getting creative can also get messy, though, especially if you don’t have a designated craft room in your home. Stor’em Self Storage customers enjoy the many benefits of keeping hobby equipment and supplies in their storage units. Whether you live in West Valley City, UT or one of our other locations around the Southwest, stay organized while enjoying your favorite new pastime.

Holiday Hobby Storage 

Some busy crafters find they only carve out time for their hobby near the holidays. Handcrafted holiday gifts, handmade gift wrap, and DIY seasonal decorations are fun to make, give, and receive. Some even help you save money when you need it most. But you can only find so much space for craft storage containers in your house, condo or apartment. Self storage makes the perfect home for all those plastic cabinets full of ribbons, glue, buttons, and more. Or pick up clear plastic bins with color-coded lids for each holiday. This trick makes it easy to locate your Halloween supplies with their orange lids or Christmas items with their red lids.

Crafting Storage Containers 

If you’re not sure what craft storage supplies you’ll need, consider investing in a few basics. A kraft paper photo storage box keeps pictures safe with acid-free paper. Dividers keep things organized, and label holders allow for easy identification. As a bonus, you can even decorate the box. Plastic craft cases with dividers provide a tidy place to stash thread, buttons, and embellishments. Scrapbook enthusiasts have plenty of options for storing supplies, from tall racks for paper storage and punch board storage with dividers to rolling totes and ink-storage tins. The more you learn about crafting, the more projects you’ll want to take on. Storage units keep your supplies all in one convenient place.

Don’t let a lack of craft storage space hamper your creativity while you learn more about your hobby. Resist the urge to stuff the spare bedroom with plastic cases or cram stacks of scrapbook paper into every available inch of closet space. Stor’em Self Storage offers accessible storage units near your home in West Valley City, UT. Reserve a unit online today, or call or visit us at a location near you. Our friendly, knowledgeable employees will be happy to help you choose the right unit for your needs.