Unbreakable and Reusable: The Benefits of Using Plastic Tubs

Whether you’re moving or preparing to place your belongings in self storage, choosing the proper containers is an important decision. The Stor’em Self Storage team has witnessed countless customers loading their things into storage units at our facility in San Marcos, CA. As a result, we’ve learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t.

Containers for Moving 

Cardboard boxes have some advantages when it comes to moving. We don’t recommend the usual route of scavenging used boxes from stores and offices; these boxes can become weakened from use and may have food residue. New moving boxes are sturdier and more likely to survive the move. However, plastic tubs can be reused and are highly durable.

Self Storage Containers 

If you’re weighing your storage container options, there’s a lot to consider. Sturdiness, cleanliness, and simplicity of use are key factors when thinking about how you’ll store your household belongings or business supplies. Plastic tends to win over cardboard for long-term storage for the following reasons:

  • Can hold a lot
  • Water-resistant
  • Won’t tear or collapse
  • Lids create an airtight seal – no tape required

Plastic containers can also save you time. They don’t have to be constructed, taped together, or broken down like cardboard.

Other Considerations

Cardboard boxes are easy to stack if you purchase them in uniform sizes. Plastic tubs may also have grooved surfaces on the lids. The bottom of the tub has a corresponding ridge so it fits nicely into the lid of the box below it. This efficient stacking system helps ensure safety, but you should still place the heaviest tubs on the bottom. And used cardboard boxes make great transportation for cockroaches and other pests, so be mindful of what you’re bringing into your unit. Finally, while it’s easy to label cardboard boxes with a magic marker, plastic tubs allow you to place inventory lists inside for easy visibility.

Protecting your everyday belongings and valuable collectibles alike is essential, so we hope we’ve made the cardboard versus plastic decision a little easier. If you have questions about this or another storage-related issue, the team at Stor’em Self Storage is happy to help. Contact us today or reserve a unit online. We have storage units in San Marcos, CA and other locations throughout the region.