What to Do with the Kitchen Supplies Sitting Idle in Your Cabinets

Most of us have our fair share of rarely used kitchen tools and cookware. It can be difficult to make room for those gifts, impulse buys, and seasonal items – and even harder to keep it all organized. Many of these kitchen implements are useful, yet too space-consuming to justify a spot alongside regularly used kitchenware. At Stor’em Self Storage in Springville, UT, we’ve learned a thing or two about using space efficiently. These tips will help you take back your kitchen cabinets without giving up a single utensil or pan.

Look High and Low

Placing everyday items on lower shelves makes sense, but limited cabinet space can cause this premium real estate to fill up quickly. Don’t panic, though; that area between the ceiling and the top of your cabinets can accommodate everything from fancy dishes to that juicer you thought you’d use every day. If you don’t like visual clutter, keep in mind that storage units make the perfect temporary home for those seldom-used items that do come in handy from time to time.

Find Unexpected Kitchen Storage Space

Create extra space or make use of oddball spots in your kitchen. While you might not want to store small items that would be forgotten in deep corner cabinets, this is the perfect spot for stashing larger items. Or try some of these space-saving organizers:

  • Wire racks to sort all those lids and sheet pans
  • Bins to keep small items together and make room for larger ones
  • Magazine racks or can dispensers to keep canned goods out of the way

Whether you do it yourself or buy them, kitchen organizers make easy work of maximizing your space.

Consider Self Storage 

Storage units are popular because they help us keep clutter out of our homes while providing easy access to the things we own. While many people use storage space for things like sports equipment, holiday decorations, and off-season clothes, it’s also ideal for keeping kitchen supplies at the ready yet out of the way.

Whether you make use of existing space, find unexpected kitchen storage, or stow away your kitchen gear off-site, organizing cooking utensils and equipment can be easier than you realized. Stor’em Self Storage offers storage units at conveniently located facilities across the Greater Salt Lake City area, including Springville, UT. Find the unit that meets your kitchen needs today!