How to Prep Your Vehicle for Storage

man detailing car

The National City Mile of Cars is one of the oldest Automotive Associations in the United States, serving the San Diego area for more than 60 years. As the center of thriving car culture in Southern California, the Mile serves all makes and models of vehicles. With more than 5,000 cars and 21 brands, they attract visitors near and far. Whether you’re getting a car fresh off the lot, just visiting for some entertainments, or are getting your classic car serviced, the Mile has professionals with the highest level of knowledge.

While the experts at Stor’em Self Storage may not sell or service cars, they know a great deal about keeping stored cars in pristine condition. If you’re replacing your current ride and need somewhere to store it, or are refurbishing an old ride, learn all the steps to keeping it safe in a National City storage unit.

Squeaky Clean

It may seem ironic to wash and wax your car before storage, but it has a large payoff. Cleaning your car will prevent any dirt or droppings from staining your car. Once clean, apply a coat of wax to prevent dirt and other small debris from scratching the surface of your car.

Fill it Up

This applies for almost all the fluids in your car. Change the oil and filter, and check the coolant and fuel levels. Putting your car into storage with a full tank of gas can prevent harmful condensation. For more protection, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent any breakdown.

Before your vehicle sits in storage make sure that all tires are at their correct pressure. This can prevent damage or distortion to your tires.

Check It Off

  • Either remove or store your battery. Another option is to purchase a battery tender, which will transfer power to your battery to keep it working even during long periods of inactivity.
  • Roll windows down about an inch or two. This will give the interior of your car better air flow and circulation.
  • Place plastic wrap around your windshield wipers. Sometimes they stick to the windshield; wrapping them in will keep that from happening.
  • Check that your parking brake is off. Sometimes the brake pads can stick to your car’s rotor.
  • Seal all the holes or gaps in your car (besides your rolled down window) to prevent any debris or dirt from building in these areas.
  • Last but not least, it’s a good idea to leave yourself a note of the preparation process. This way there are no errant rags or missing parts of your vehicle that could cause problems when you decide to take it out of storage.

As you take these steps to prepare your vehicle for storage, Stor’em will finish the job with secure and safe protection. Next time you take a walk through the “Mile of Cars” in National City, rest easy knowing not only that you know how to properly store your vehicle, but that you have a reliable self storage facility to do so.