Master the Art of Packing

a blank room with a stack of boxes

Packing can be a lot like a game of Tetris: There are lots of different shapes and sizes trying to fit together. Some people have a knack for packing their items in boxes, while others just toss things in plastic bags and call it a day. Packing doesn’t have to make you lose your cool. In fact, it’s an easy chore when you know what to do. Stor’em Self Storage is here to help make packing a breeze for customers in Vista, CA.

5 Packing Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t guess it. Label it.

You can’t find what you’re looking for if it’s not labeled correctly. Once you have your belongings packed in the boxes, label the outside with a marker. You can also use a label maker if you want to look like a real professional.

2. Let’s not overstuff things.

If you overstuff your boxes, you’re going to make them much heavier and harder to lift. A box should never bulge at the top or the sides. Fit items in the box nicely and neatly to make things easier on yourself or whoever’s loading it into the truck.

3. Put a wrap on it.

Some items require wrapping for protection, such as dishes and picture frames. Wrap these items in paper, and put some packing peanuts in the boxes for added protection. You should also wrap your furniture to keep it in good condition during the moving process.

4. Be sure to fill those gaps.

You should never leave a box half empty. It can collapse under the weight of heavier boxes or fall off the top and break the contents inside. Pack a box just enough to fill the space, and use packing peanuts or newspaper to fill any voids.

5. Leave no box uncovered.

Always cover your boxes with a lid or plastic to keep out the dust. A lid also protects sensitive items such as photos from sunlight. If you’re worried about dust, pests, or sun damage, put those lids on once you’ve packed everything up or placed the boxes in your storage units.

Stor’em Self Storage to the Rescue

Stor’em Self Storage has storage units in Vista, CA to help you make space at home or at the office. If you pack well, you’ll be able to make even more space in your own unit. Taking care of the little things, such as labeling the boxes and wrapping your furniture, will make a big difference when it’s time to unpack your belongings later.