During Hunting Season, Put Your Sights on Self Storage

a man wearing hunting gear walking through the woods

As the excitement of hunting season takes hold, it’s easy to overlook the finer points of caring for your hunting equipment and clothing. From laundering your camo to keeping everything organized in storage units, these tips from Stor’em Self Storage in Orem, UT will help you keep your gear in optimal condition all year round.

Safeguard Your Gear

Keep your gear in a dedicated space. It will be easier to find everything you need when the season opens, and your house won’t be overrun by calls, camo, and cameras. The space should ideally be indoors – a storage facility is a great option to preserve your gear. Otherwise, exterior elements can wreak havoc on boot seams and hunting-call reeds.

Keep Everything Clean

Clean your clothes before storing them for the off-season. Wipe your boots clean, and wash clothing in unscented or scent-removing detergent; baking soda will also do the trick. Run washing-machine cleaner through the washer beforehand, and follow up with a water-only cycle to thoroughly remove all traces of scented detergent. Store separately from other clothes to avoid scent transfer. Turn camo clothing inside-out to avoid fading when washing; fading can make camouflage appear whiter and draw attention. If you’re unable to line-dry your clothes, use scent-eliminating dryer sheets.

Organize for Best Use

Make your next hunting trip easier by keeping calls, decoys, camo, and equipment organized. Keep smaller supplies in their own clear plastic cases for easy identification. Remove batteries from radios, flashlights, and other equipment to prevent corrosion. Bag decoys before storing them, and secure weights to prevent tangling. Store clothing with cedar chips, scent wafers, or pine needles; place these in perforated plastic bags alongside clothes. Sort hunting clothes into outfits so you’re ready to go when the season rolls around. You’ll want to keep clothes with lighter layers on top for the early part of the hunting season.

Get in on the Hunt with Self Storage

Protect your investment by keeping your hunting gear in top working order. A few extra steps throughout the year ensure that you can count on those expensive supplies, clothes, and equipment when you need them most. Storage units offer a great space to keep all your hunting essentials, and our organizational tips keep your gear at the ready so you don’t waste valuable time. Contact Stor’em Self Storage today with questions or to reserve a unit in Orem, UT.